Two Companies - Many Solutions

  • Early days of Lyons Electric (left) and Pinner Electric (right)

    Early days of Lyons Electric (left) and Pinner Electric (right)


Pinner Electric was started in Brookfield, IL in 1947 and Lyons Electric was started in Lyons, IL in 1950. Pinner Electric primarily maintained and installed roadway lighting and traffic signal systems. Lyons Electric primarily performed electrical construction and maintenance for schools, public works facilities, manufacturing facilities, and residential dwellings.

In an effort to create a full service electrical contracting and maintenance firm, Lyons Electric purchased Pinner Electric in 1992.

This acquisition helped Lyons and Pinner Electric Companies to better serve their existing clients by having the ability to offer them a single point of contact for construction and maintenance at their facility regardless if the work was interior or infrastructure in nature.

In 2003 both companies moved from their Brookfield and Lyons locations to our new headquarters located on a 4 acre site in LaGrange, IL. Having our entire operation under one roof has helped us increase our efficiency and improve customer service.